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Range of Services

Business Communication: We develop state-of-the art communication strategies, or ways of improving existing ones. Our wide range of services allows us to develop concepts adapted to the individual needs of our customers. The goal of every communication strategy is to increase sales, strengthen a brand name, and to reach new customers. We help you improve your “business-to-customer” as well as “business-to-business” communication.

Public Communication: We support our customers in communicating their interests to public or government institutions. Thanks to our expansive networks in the areas of politics, media and culture, we can help our customers place an issue on the agenda of political actors, or create awareness of a topic among the general public.

Consulting: We create the prerequisites to introduce a product or brand on the market in Germany or Scandinavia. Our profound knowledge of both regions enables us to avoid cultural pitfalls and utilize differences between the markets to the advantage of our customers. Thanks to our networks in Germany and Scandinavia, we can identify new business partners and thus help to increase the scope of a business.