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Young Trends

Europarat, Förenigen Young Trends

To promote an international and intercultural exchange of political and social ideads between young Europeans.

Aside from conventional methods, a platform was developed which uses art, culture, design, fashion and music as a common language for an exchange on a political and social level. These supposedly unfamiliar fulfil a Trojan horse function for Young Trends, where discussion of these areas leads young people to pose questions regarding political and social themes. Projects in past years have included a DVD compilation of experimental film shorts produced by young European film makers from Norway, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Finland, Denmark and Russia. Annually from 2003-2005 Germany has hosted a youth seminar on German Unification Day as well as a film shorts competition and "best practice" compilation.

The creation of new discussion forums within young social groups who would otherwise have little or no access to political and social themes via other routes.